PrEP is suitable for all people at risk of HIV. This could include if you are a gay or other man (cis or trans) who has sex with other men, a person of trans experience, a non-binary person, or a heterosexual person. People who inject drugs and share injecting equipment are also suitable for PrEP, but it is important that people can access sterile injecting equipment to reduce their risk of blood-borne viruses, including HIV.

If you are a gay or other man (cis or trans), non-binary inclusive, who has sex with other men, PrEP is suitable for you if you:

  • have had or are likely to have condomless sex (or if the condom breaks or falls off) with casual partners or with an HIV positive partner who is not on treatment or is on treatment but has a detectable viral load
  • have recently had an STI in your arse or front hole (vagina), or if you have recently had syphilis
  • use recreational drugs such as crystal (methamphetamine) or GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate)

Even if you don’t think you would be suitable based on this, if you want to take PrEP, you should speak to a healthcare professional, because they are able to prescribe PrEP for a range of reasons, including reducing anxiety about sex and HIV.